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Deep in Our Hearts Spray by Teleflora

Deep in Our Hearts Spray by Teleflora


The "Deep in Our Hearts Spray" by Teleflora is a rich and radiant expression of sympathy, crafted with deep red roses, gladioli, and other popular red flowers. This thoughtfully designed spray is intended to convey a message of reassurance and hope during a challenging time of loss. The deep red hues of the flowers symbolize enduring love and profound emotions, offering solace to those grieving. Presented on an easel, this spray serves as a meaningful tribute to celebrate the cherished memories of a loved one. The carefully selected combination of red blooms creates a visual representation of the warmth and love shared with the departed, providing comfort to those who are mourning. The "Deep in Our Hearts Spray" is a beautiful and heartfelt way to express condolences and share in the remembrance of a life well-lived.

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